Freeze Framing Time

So often, families forget to have a family portrait done, and years will pass before they realize the last family portrait taken was when the kids still had their first set of teeth! I know this because that is exactly what happened to mine. The first and only family portrait taken was when my sister didn’t even have any teeth! I asked my parents every year if we could PLEASE take a portrait at Christmas, and their answer was always the same “We’ll get it done next year.” When my father passed away unexpectedly, I realized just how important family portraits were. They freeze a moment in time that you can cherish for years to come.

This is a collection of my most favorite family portraits I have done this year. They were each so different from the other, and I love the diversity of the family portraits I am about to share with you. We’ll start with the Bajpai family. The Saree’s were beautiful and the men looked so handsome in their Kurta’s.

I’ve shot many families, but this one was so unique. I wanted to capture not just the love within this family, but the beautiful clothing of their Indian culture.

The following two are the family shots for the Koschel Family and the Boone family. These two little girls had SO much energy, I figured what better way to capture this than to have them jump up in the air next to their dad as many times as it took to get the shot! They loved it and so did their father. The Boone siblings wanted some photos for their mother, we had a wonderful time running around Orange County for this shoot.

Siblings galore! I have known this group of four brothers and one sister for about four years. But taking their portraits was a completely different experience! Each were full of so much personality and they literally serenaded me throughout the day.

And last but not least, the Nickelson family. These two little boys were absolutely adorable. I finally understood what my parents meant when they used to say “If I could only bottle up your energy and sell it! I’d be a millionaire!!”

Through all the energy these two little ones had, they brought a lot of happiness to the shoot and we were able to capture some great family moments.

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