Holiday Cheesin’

Wowzers! What a fun holiday shoot! I’ve done portrait work for Vanessa before, but this was my first time shooting her little family. Brooklen was an absolute doll! Vanessa and Ryan are starting to teach her the pride of earning her own money. So before this shoot they had a discussion with her that her job was to be a model and be full of cheesin’ smiles. For her hard work, she would be paid $5.  She definitely took this conversation seriously! It was absolutely adorable to watch her cheesin’ 🙂


It was strange weather for Southern California that weekend. It RAINED and the ground was drenched. But this little family toughed it out and we got some great shots!



Brooklen was a sport but she still needed her afternoon nap. So we retired to their home and had some lunch while the princess rested. It was well worth it! She woke up all smiles and with tons of energy! I set up shop and we had a mini shoot inside.


Brooklen loves her daddy and Nessa! I was so happy to be able to capture so many loving moments! I hope she will grow to cherish these as much as they do!



Vanessa, Ryan and Brooklen were an absolute joy to shoot! We had a wonderful time! And believe me, this little princess did not forget to ask for her hard earned money!


One thought on “Holiday Cheesin’

  1. Haha!!! Your blog summed it all up perfectly!!!! Thank you so much for such a fun day and for capturing amazing photos of us. Your work is so amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more! We all love you! Muah! xoxo

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