Oh That Face

Last minute holiday photos was the theme of this morning shoot! It was a VERY chilly Saturday morning in the city of Orange, CA. Jesse and Jeff got little Riley all dressed up and asked her to please give her best cheese face for the photos. This little lady on the other hand, had plans of her own!


Riley knows what she wants and when she wants it. Jesse had brought a little bag of bribes… and she made sure to earn every single one!!


Riley is 3 and at this time, this is how she says cheese! Haha, Riley will be a big sister in just a few months! So we say ham it up as much as possible!!


Riley gave us limited time for this shoot, she wanted to get back home to watch Harry Potter. But luckily she gave us a few moments to capture some cute photos of Jeff and Jesse! We did this shoot in just under and hour, and we are very pleased with the photos!


Riley just cracked us up during the entire shoot. And when she was officially done with us, she decided to pretend to fall asleep – fake snores and all!


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