::Sunshine on a Cloudy Day::

The forecast showed nothing but sunshine for the weekend. An hour before my shoot was to begin I saw dark clouds off in the distance… threatening to ruin my family portrait session!! Low and behold, just before the shoot, little misty drops began to fall. Checking the forecast again said it would clear up within an hour… Fingers were definitely crossed!

So when we got to our shooting location and the drops were still falling randomly I was a bit nervous. But luckily my clients were troopers! And we were able to use the cloud cover to our advantage and ignore the sporadic drops of rain throughout the shoot to capture some beautiful family portraits! The shoot was for their daughter Aria’s 6 months! This beautiful family was all smiles and giggles as we shot away!



Mommy and Daughter wore coordinating headbands, custom made by LovMely:http://www.lovmely.com


Minh and Viam are wonderful parents. Aria is very lucky to have such smart beautiful people to call Mommy and Daddy!



Aria was definitely more interested in Mommy and Daddy’s rings than my camera!



This little one has a fantastic personality already at only six months!! She definitely brought sunshine into this cloudy day! I am Excited to see what amazingness she has in store for this world!


Yes, I’m talking about you!

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