Hip Hop Lover

Some girls want Boudoir shots, others want Hip Hop Lover shots! Jenny contacted me about a month ago asking if I could do portraits of her. I assumed she wanted Boudoir as most girls do. She had a different idea. At the wonderful age of 22, she wanted to capture her love of hip hop, graffiti and all the wonderfulness of her life right now.




We were able to use a hip hop store for our location. City to City in San Diego.


I have used Jenny before in product shoots for a jewelry line. But this shoot was all her. She played Wu-Tang, Gangstar, and others of that genre. Dressing up in her favorite band shirts and bringing a new twist to self portraits.




Watching this beautiful little woman come to life with her music playing, made me remember my early twenties. And the music that moved me then. Jenny, I do hope you love these photos, and as the years pass, cherish them.


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