Shelly & Seth

Shelly and Seth had an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles, CA. So many things were unique about this wedding! I’ll let the photo’s do the talking!!SS01SS02I never realized how BLUE Shelley’s eyes were until this day!! I like to call her my Beautiful Blue Eyed Bride!!SS06Her bouquet was a beautiful mixture of flowers and succulents. I loved it!!Flowers

And her necklace was so pretty!! I couldn’t stop looking at it!!  The venue they chose was an awesome little art studio in Downtown Los Angeles. It had amazing art inside as well as OUTSIDE the venue!! SS08SS07SS10One of the most beautiful things about a wedding it is the uniting of two families! Shelly and Seth both live in New York, while the majority of their families live in California.SS30 🙂
SS11Shelley02As party favors, they gave away pencils with little finger puppets! So cute!

The art gallery also included a swing suspended from the ceiling!SS14Shelly and Seth’s cake was made by her Aunt Christina. It fit their ceremony perfectly and was even adorned with succulents from Shelley’s mothers garden!SS15Thennnn It was wedding time!! Guests began to file into their seats. I snapped this cool shot of one of her sister’s and her husband! SS29The ceremony was short and sweet and included a poetry reading by one of  Shelley’s sisters, who is also a published author!SS17


SS24This wedding was special on so many levels!! The bride is my cousin and I had the privilege of capturing this special day. The groom’s friend shot the wedding on an 8mm camera! I can only image how cool it came out!! SS35 And the brides best friend Stephanie shot polaroids with a vintage polaroid camera. The guests then used the photos in Shelley and Seth’s guest book! SS31SS34And did I mention? Their guest book was handmade and oh so fitting! SS33 Oh the bouquet toss, always so fun!! SS25The EPIC money dance!! A Mexican tradition that involves people pinning money to the Bride and Groom for a dance to wish them luck on their new journey together!SS27SS26After a long day, the bride enjoyed her slice of cake on the gallery swing 🙂SS28

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