Baby Makes Five

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to little Miss Gracyn Mae. She is all sorts of precious!! The headbands used in this shoot were made by her mothers friends and family during her baby shower. And I do believe she sported them quite well!
Ase01Ase01aAse02Ase03At only two weeks old, little Gracyn was SO alert!! She was just so curious about everything around her and wanted NOTHING to do with sleep. Ha ha. But every now and then we were able to catch her taking a little baby snooze.Ase04Ase05After mommy and me time, we went off to meet up with Gracyn’s daddy and other two siblings. Hudson and Rylinn keep Sarah and Jordan plenty busy – I don’t know how they get rest with a new baby in the house. As they rounded up the other two who were having fun exploring the park, I took some shots of the FINALLY sleeping Gracyn!:)Ase07Ase08Even Daddy was able to sneak in a sleeping baby shot!Ase09But not without giving the other two just as much hugs and lovin’! And those kids are plenty happy which can only mean one thing… they have awesome parents!Ase10

And finally the family shot!! I absolutely love this photo!

Ase14Ase15Ase15aRemember how I said I hadn’t seen Sarah since I took some photos of her and her first daughter, Rylinn? Well, here they are side by side. 2011 & 2013!                                       Can’t believe how much she’s grown!!Ase16I wish this not so little family nothing but continued happiness!                                        Thanks for a fun day, y’all!Ase17

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