Baby D @ 6 Months!!

Six months has gone by TOO fast!! As I am sure most parents feel about their children! Baby D is my nephew – but I love him as if he were my own. I drove down to SD to spend the weekend with my pseudo-brother Jeffrey and took some photos of Baby D. Hills01Jeff and Holly are such amazing parents!! Baby Dominic is a perfect representation of their love!! Beautiful, bright and above all – full of love!Hills02He is not quite able to sit up on his own- yet. But with the help he will always get of Mommy and Daddy we got some adorable shots!! And I’m betting on those beautiful eyes staying that amazing dark blue!!Hills03Hills04Like most babies, Dominic couldn’t get enough of the tree’s blowing in the wind!Hills05He is SUCH a happy child!! With only TWO teeth in, as of now, I can’t wait to see his smile when all those pearly whites come in!!Hills08Hills09Mmmmm, a Momma’s love 🙂 Hills10He is growing up way too fast!! But best believe, I will be there to capture every minute of it!! Congrat’s again Holly and Jeff!! You need to make more!!Hills11

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