Lacy & Matt

Lacy and Matt have one of my favorite stories!! They met while they were both working for the same company nine years ago. Their company did not allow dating so she left and they continued their love story. Three years passed and he proposed to her at Lake Tahoe, CA where they married a year later. They both thought their love for each other was enough. Then they were blessed with a little surprise and they are more happy than they could have ever imagined!! And it shined through the day I photographed them!!Lacy01Lacy02I love how little she looks next to Matt!!Lacy04Lacy03Lacy05Lacy06The love and excitement between these two is intoxicating!!Lacy07They are still torn on what to name their little baby boy, but I know they will pick a good strong name for their little man!!Lacy08Lacy10Lacy11Lacy11aAnd does she not have the prettiest little belly ever?! At 8 months she looks amazing!!Lacy12And little Addie is soon to have a little baby to love and protect!!Lacy13Good luck you two!! I know your baby is coming into a world full of love!!

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