Shaadi & Houtan

Oh my goodness – where to even begin with these two!!

I have to brag a bit first – I introduced these love birds five years ago!!

I have known Shaadi and Houtan for over ten years! They first met when I was having a night out with friends. My friend Haman was bringing his brothers with him on this amazing evening. My girlfriend Shaadi was in town as well and I invited her to come KNOWING they would like each other. Houtan has an amazing sense of humor and boy was he on FIRE that night. We spent the night laughing so hard we could barely drink our beers! It was there that I snapped their first photo together! 587_62927812976_8379_nIn April, Houtan proposed to Shaadi in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. They were in town visiting her father. I just happened to be with Houtans brother, Haman, that day. Her father snapped this photo after the proposal and she sent it to us.2013-04-06 18.56.57We were SOOOO excited to get the news! Haman and I sent this as our photo response: 2013-04-06 18.54.13I was so honored to shoot their engagement. Can’t wait for the wedding!!

SH01SHSH02SH03SH04SH05SH06SH07Shaadi is just so beautiful! Can’t wait to see her all done up on her wedding day!!SH08SH09Congratulations you two!! I can’t wait for the big day!!

One thought on “Shaadi & Houtan

  1. Thank you for telling us this lovely love story with your beautiful pictures and introducing dear Houtan to our family. Great Job.

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