Kelsey and Adeline

Kelsey is already such an amazing mother!! I had the privilege of taking little Adeline’s first baby photos!! I have known Kelsey since she was a little girl. She and my younger sister went to school together, so when she messaged me asking if I would take her baby’s photos I was overjoyed!! Adeline already has her mothers tough spirit and I can’t wait to see her and her personality grow! Her photo session took a couple different sessions but it was well worth it! Here is Miss Adeline in her first two weeks of life ❤Kelsey02Just 6 day’s old, goodness is she precious!!Kelsey01And already such a little lady!!Kelsey03Kelsey04Adeline, just two weeks young!Kelsey05Kelsey06Kelsey07Kelsey08Kelsey LOVES being a Mommy!!Kelsey09Kelsey10The most alert newborn I’ve ever seen!Kelsey11Kelsey12Kelsey13Congratulations, Kelsey!! Adeline, you have such a loving and supportive mother!!

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