The Stephens Family

I met up with the Stephens on a very fall Saturday.  I went to high school with Stephanie, the little sister of this trio. Its amazing to see how many amazing little humans they’ve made! All with such awesome personalities! I had no idea what order to post all these photos in, but I included some bloopers because they were awesome! And here we go!Stephens01Stephens02The newest addition, and first girl of all the latest generation! But not for very long, another is already on the way!Stephens03Stephens04Stephens05I love this one!Stephens06The first six cousins are ALL boys!! Look how cute they are!! Stephens07Stephens07aThen Grandma and Grandpa jumped in! The energy level was off the charts!Stephens09Stephens10Stephens11Stephens14Photo break!Stephens12Stephens13Stephens15Then Great Grandpa and Grandma showed up! Love!Stephens16Stephens17Thank you for such an amazing morning!!Stephens20

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