Christmas With the House’s

I have been photographing this family for some time now. Just a year ago, Jesse was pregnant with little baby Hudson! A year later and boy is six month old Hudson huge!

Enjoy!JC01I love this shot of Hudson looking down at his big Sissy being silly! 🙂JC02JC03

JC06This family lives in the wonderful town of Orange in CA. We were so excited to come across a big painting of an orange tucked away in a small ally. JC08All over the wall was little writings of Love on the wall. We didn’t even notice it till we were reviewing the photos ! Such a fun surprise!!JC10JC09I loved this blooper. Ha ha, such a family moment!JC11Even more Love writings on walls!! JC12When we got back to their home, we gave Hudson a little 6 month shoot!JC13JC14JC16Seeing that his mother is a teacher – its adorable how much he loves that book!!JC15Merry Christmas, everyone!

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