Dianne + Mike Maternity

This was another shoot that was very special to me. Dianne and I have been friends since we were in junior high. In my early days of photography Dianne was one of my frequent models. Here is a shot I took of her in San Diego in 2003.351_526379798700_2486_nIt has been many years since that photo was taken. And I’m so happy that we have remained such good friends. We had such a good time shooting her maternity photos!! She has one of the prettiest little pregnant bellies I have ever seen!! Enjoy!Dianne02Dianne01Dianne03After some time shooting indoors, we decided to take our shoot outside. I normally wouldn’t think to use black in a maternity shoot, but Dianne made it so stylish and completely rocked it!! She is having a little girl in a few weeks and I know Sienna is going to be one of the most fashionable babies on the block!!Dianne05I hope baby Sienna gets her momma’s big beautiful eyes ❤Dianne06We bumped into each other at a craft show in Santa Ana, CA at my friend Melissa’s tent. She is the owner of LovMely and I have shot many of her pieces for her. Dianne purchased a beautiful head chain that she brought for the shoot. I absolutely love this photo of her!Dianne07

Dianne11After shots at my house we took the trip down the street to her mothers house and got some grreeeaaat shots there. It made it so much more special that we did this photo shoot in our parents homes that we used to hang out at as young teenagers where we’d play MASH. Remember that game? Ha ha! I remember it saying Dianne would have 5 kids once. So far she’s absolutely glowing with baby number one!Dianne14Dianne15Dianne161502418_681279985225911_787567357_oNext, we took to the alleys close to our childhood homes. Goodness we fell in love with all the fences that lined the alley. Dianne17Dianne18Seeing that we took the photos on a Sunday during football season, we had to continue the shoot the following Sunday so that her husband Mike could join us. 🙂Dianne19Dianne20Dianne20aDianne21Dianne22In this shot you can’t even tell Dianne is pregnant!! Dianne23Dianne24I can’t wait to meet baby Sienna and see what beautiful features she got from her parents. Congratulations you two!!! ❤

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