From Holmes to House

If you have followed my blog you will know I have documented this wonderful couples journey for the past few years. Jesse and Jeff have chosen me to shoot their engagement and wedding photos!! I am so honored an excited!!  We started at where they first met! The Circle in Orange, CA. They have so many memories (and photos) tied to this adorable little town. I hope you enjoy their engagement session as much as I enjoyed shooting it!!JJE02JJE03JJE04October can’t come soon enough!!JJE01This is the exact spot they met at The Orange International Street fair so many years ago. JJE05JJE06JJE07Next we took their shoot to a nature setting. Loved it.JJE09JJE08Jesse’s smile defines lighting up a room, or in this case a park. Hehe.JJE11JJE12JJE13JJE15JJE14JJE16JJE17JJE18JJE19JJE21JJE22Like I said before, October cannot come soon enough!! Can’t wait to shoot their wedding day when they officially take on the journey of life together. 🙂JJE23JJE10

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