My beautiful mother has been residing in Hawaii for the last five years so when she visits it is such a treat. She has been on the mainland since late january so I seized this opportunity  to give her a mini shoot. She is not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. She has the most loving and understanding soul. It is a quality I only ever saw in my grandmother before her. She has such an amazing light that shines from within. I only hope that one day I embody this myself. And I tried my best to capture this during this shoot. Everyone should be so lucky to have a mommy like her!! Enjoy!!M1M2M3M14We always tell her that her smile is most genuine when she is laughing. We laughed a lot throughout this shoot. M4We wanted some photos of her in my big black hat… it proved to be a bit to big for her. M5M6M7My puppy Luna even got in on the shoot hehe. ❤M8M9M10M11M12And it wouldn’t be complete without a jump shot. She’s a pro at these. He he.

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