Mackenzie Turns Two!

I have been to my fair share of children’s parties, but this one takes the cake!!! Beautiful little Mackenzie just turned two and her mother and aunts went all out!! At this adorable age Mackenzie is in love with The Little Mermaid (which was also my favorite as a child – who am I kidding – still is!!) and they pulled out all the stops!! She comes from a line of crafty women and it definitely showed through!! Enjoy!!Kenzie02The beautiful display was made by her Auntie Vanessa! She has faintly listened to all of us and is available for hire for party planning. She did an amazing job!!Kenzie01Kenzie20Her AMAZING cake was made by Tip Toe Confections, you can find her on Facebook: 

I have enjoyed her creations at a few parties. She never disappoints!! Mackenzie was so in love with all the fun stuff they put together for her special day!!Kenzie03They had a bunch of delicious goodies as well!!CollageMy favorite for sure were the berets her mother Melissa made. Melissa is the owner and designer of LovMely. You can check out more of her amazing creations here:

I don’t have any children yet, so I took one home for my puppy Luna, she looks fantastic in it!!Kenzie19Mackenzie looking on to her beautiful backyard party.Kenzie05Kenzie07When I said they pulled out all the stops I really meant it!! They even hired an Ariel from Part Princess Productions! Jessa played an amazing Ariel and never broke character!!

Mackenzie’s “first look” of her favorite princess, Ariel!!Kenzie08Ariel sat at her beautiful shell, made by Mackenzie’s auntie Vanessa and family, and read the children the story of The Little Mermaid!! They loved it! Especially the birthday girl!Kenzie09Kenzie10Kenzie11Seeing the awe in the children’s eyes was so heartwarming!!Kenzie12Kenzie13After the story she sang “Part of That World”. And she sounded just like the Disney movie! The kids sang along and afterwards she did some face painting. This was Mackenzie’s first time getting her face painted and it was so cute to watch her! She totally approved!!Kenzie14Kenzie15Kenzie16After face painting Mackenzie returned to the art table to paint a treasure chest for her princess!Kenzie17She may not remember this birthday, but her family will! And I am so happy I was able to capture all these memories for them! She will be a big sister in July and I can’t wait to meet her little sister!! At the cake cutting Ariel sang another Disney classic.  “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” the children as well as the adults enjoyed Jessa’s beautiful voice!Kenzie18#parentingdoneright !! Ha ha, is it OK to hashtag in blogs?

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