My Three Sons

Obviously these are not MY three sons, the world can thank Lynette & Scott for bringing these handsome brothers into the world!! We spent the afternoon at the beach getting some great shots! It was a beautiful Southern California Saturday! And this beach living, ocean loving family of five definitely made it feel more like summer than spring! Enjoy!Mon01Mon02Mon03Such handsome boys!!Mon04Mon05This shot just cracks me up every time I look at it!!Mon06Mon07This part of the coast is snuggled up right next to some beautiful sandstone cliffs! On a walk one day Lynette and Scott discovered this carving with their initials in it! I wonder how the person responsible for this was able to carve it!!Mon08Mon09Big brother Matthew definitely owns the “smize”!!Mon10Middle brother Ethan is just so handsome!!Mon11And little brother Josh “Joshie” is just too cute for words!!Mon12Mon13After the family session the boys were excited to change into their shorts and grab their boards for some photo’s I hope they will cherish forever!! Such cute little surfer boys!Mon14These boys enjoy surfing just down the street from their house on the daily!!Mon16Lynette & Scott, you’re raising some lil’ heart breakers!! Mon15

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