Dominic’s First Birthday

Little Dominic is now One whole year old!! We had a little photo shoot before his birthday party and did this boy redefine “cake smash” like no other!! Enjoy!!DA01Off came the clothes for the honorary cake smashing session!!DA3Hmmm… this tastes goooood…..DA5DA08DA09DA11But before we are done… I’m gonna smear some into the floor riiiiiight here!DA10A week later his Momma put on a fabulous little Micky themed birthday party!!DA12DA13DA19The birthday boy was a bit taken back at first…DA17But it didn’t take long for him to start enjoying the party and all of his guests!DA18DA15DA16DA20DA14Before Dominic was born his mommy was part of a “Mommy and Me” group. Here are all the mommy’s with their babies!! They had friends before they were even born!DA21DA22It wouldn’t be a birthday party without some flying!DA23DA24Next it was cake time!! Dominic knew exactly what to do with his cake!!DA25DA26This time he even shared!DA27DA28Birthday cake success!!DA30

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