Lori Gilbert Art

Well… it has been nearly two months since I have written a blog post. I have been super busy traveling and getting all sorts of great shots. Before my travels began I had the honor of doing some head shots/fun shots for Miss Lori Gilbert. Not only is she a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul, she is an amazingly talented artist as well. She has a lot of BIG things coming up for her and she needed some new portrait shots taken. We of course played around and took some fun ones! It was a crazy busy day for both of us but we managed to get these shots done!! I have thrown in some of her paintings so you can see with your own eyes the crazy talent this gorgeous woman has!!  I enjoy stalking her FB page as she takes you on her painting journey and even shares the prgression of her art. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out her Facebook page! Its under the same title as this blog post, Lori Gilbert Art:  http://www.facebook.com/Lori.Gilbert.ArtLori02Lori01Lori03




Lori13And I will end this with probably the most epic wave she has done so far: loriartwaveKeep doing what you’re doing, girl!! Can’t wait to see you grow even more as an artist!!

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