International Lovers Part 2

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember that one of my first posts were of this amazing couple! Cristy and Ted met in San Diego, they began a relationship that would have them both traveling thousands of miles all around the world. Ted is from Sweden and Cristy made the move to be at his side in February of 2013. Since then they have traveled all over Europe exploring many beautiful places.

On New Years Eve, Ted proposed to Cristy while they were vacationing on the Swiss Alps. Could he be more romantic?? She of course said yes and the wedding planning began! I made my way across the Atlantic to Sweden in July. I wanted to see where she had been living and meet Ted’s family and their friends who would be joining us for the wedding in the states. Let me just say it now, Sweden is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. There were so many places we wanted to shoot around his hometown of Halmstad but we ran short on time. We still were able to capture some beautiful shots around the home he grew up in. I cannot wait for the wedding!! But until then, here are some shots from their engagement session! Enjoy!!CT01CT02In Sweden it is customary for men to wear rings as well when they become engaged. I think America should adopt this tradition.CT03CT04CT05CT06CT07CT08CT09And yes, I made Cristy hike up to this point in her dress so we could catch the amazing sunset…CT10CT11CT12

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