K + N = L

Another beautiful girl is on her way!! I have known Nicole since childhood and its beautiful to see her at this stage in her life. We decided to shoot the images on a trail that Kevin and Nicole used while training for marathons! Now they are preparing for an infinite marathon called parenthood. Enjoy!!!Laymon01Laymon02Laymon04Laymon03Laymon05Lily is already got quite the shoe collection going!Laymon06Laymon07Laymon08Laymon09Stay tuned… their little pumpkin is due soon!Laymon10

Something Different…

Goodness I haven’t posted a blog in nearly a month!! The last 22 days have been filled with many shoots and a wedding!! (I was a bridesmaid not the bride.). Looking through past blogs my work has been mostly centered on children, family and maternity. But this shoot was something completely different. Kathryn and I spoke for about an hour leading up to our shoot. I slowly applied her makeup between champagne sips. She has been photographed a lot before for yoga and dance but wanted something different. She was giving me complete artistic freedom and allowing me to do whatever I wanted. What I wanted was something dramatic and with feeling and boy did she deliver! The beauty she possesses not just on the outside but on the inside are so strongly captured in these images. Some of the following photo’s take a darker turn than you may be used to seeing on my blog, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. KM01km02KM03KM00KM04KM05Her favorite, below. KM06KM07KM11KM12And because she has a beautiful smile as well…KM13KM14My favorite.KM08KM15The quote that came to mind when shooting this image:                                                        “Every heartache ends, just as every storm runs out of rain.”KM16KM18Thank you for this shoot.


My beautiful mother has been residing in Hawaii for the last five years so when she visits it is such a treat. She has been on the mainland since late january so I seized this opportunity  to give her a mini shoot. She is not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. She has the most loving and understanding soul. It is a quality I only ever saw in my grandmother before her. She has such an amazing light that shines from within. I only hope that one day I embody this myself. And I tried my best to capture this during this shoot. Everyone should be so lucky to have a mommy like her!! Enjoy!!M1M2M3M14We always tell her that her smile is most genuine when she is laughing. We laughed a lot throughout this shoot. M4We wanted some photos of her in my big black hat… it proved to be a bit to big for her. M5M6M7My puppy Luna even got in on the shoot hehe. ❤M8M9M10M11M12And it wouldn’t be complete without a jump shot. She’s a pro at these. He he.


The second portrait session I had this year was for beautiful Lexi of Ohio. She was in San Diego, CA visiting her mother. She still needed her senior portraits taken and I was so excited to take them! We didn’t take senior portraits like these when I was in high school and I sort of wish we had. It was so fun capturing this beautiful age in Lexi’s life. Enjoy!Lexi01Lexi02Lexi03Lexi042014 has seen some of the coldest (and warmest) days ever recorded! Lucky for Lexi it was a perfect warm southern California day in January. Lexi05Lexi06Lexi07Lexi08Lexi09Lexi10

Lov Me Some LovMely!

I have been shooting for this amazing line now for almost two years! So crazy to think the time that has gone by and I really need to do an exposé on its amazing designer.

But until then my favorites from this shoot will have to do! All the models were fantastic and I thank you for being so fun and so beautifully easy to work with! ❤

You can find all these amazing pieces and more at: http://www.lovmely.com


Hip Hop Lover

Some girls want Boudoir shots, others want Hip Hop Lover shots! Jenny contacted me about a month ago asking if I could do portraits of her. I assumed she wanted Boudoir as most girls do. She had a different idea. At the wonderful age of 22, she wanted to capture her love of hip hop, graffiti and all the wonderfulness of her life right now.




We were able to use a hip hop store for our location. City to City in San Diego.


I have used Jenny before in product shoots for a jewelry line. But this shoot was all her. She played Wu-Tang, Gangstar, and others of that genre. Dressing up in her favorite band shirts and bringing a new twist to self portraits.




Watching this beautiful little woman come to life with her music playing, made me remember my early twenties. And the music that moved me then. Jenny, I do hope you love these photos, and as the years pass, cherish them.


Rachel & Chris

I met up with Rachel and Chris on an early Monday morning to shoot photos, near their home, at Mission San Juan Capistrano. We had had to reschedule our shoot due to rain the previous Friday, but luckily it was all sunshine on the day of their engagement shoot!


Rachel and Chris got engaged on a romantic getaway to Tahiti.

It was so wonderful to see them still all smiles.


I loved how they chose to do their engagement shoot all natural in outfits they were comfortable in!


Rachel said she wanted them to capture them as they are. Comfy in their jeans and tops.



I was so pleased with their shoot, Rachel’s smile is just so captivating! I wish them all the best as they prepare for their September wedding which I am sure will be fantastic!rc04