Mystery Baby!

It is so rare to hear of first time parents who are waiting till the birth of their child to see if it is a boy or a girl! Well that is just what Jackie and Mario did!! I shot their maternity photos where they had to bring both boy shoes and girl shoes! Jackie was absolutely glowing!! I asked her if her outfit choice of a pink dress was an indication of what she thought she was having. She said it wasn’t that she had no idea what to expect! It was another beautiful afternoon in Southern California as these two high school sweethearts smiled lovingly at each other during their shoot. Enjoy!!JM01JM02JM03JM04JM05JM06JM07JM08JM09JM10JM11JM12JM13JM14Weeks later I got a call at 6:36am that the mystery baby was on its way!! I went down to the hospital to capture some moments from this very special day!! JM16JM17JM18JM20JM21JM22Mystery baby was DEFINITELY coming into this world on a beautiful day!JM19JM30JM23Then it was time for the mystery to be over!!! What would it be?? A boy or a girl?? Ladies and gent’s, we have ourselves…JM24JM25JM26JM31JM28JM29The first hours are a very special time. I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face as they gazed so lovingly on their newborn daughter. They couldn’t take their eyes off of her, it was literally as if I wasn’t even there. Congratulations Jackie and Mario on your beautiful healthy baby girl. And good luck, when I asked Mario how fatherhood felt he replied,

“I am in so much trouble, I love her so much already.”

Sienna Chanelle

Sienna has finally arrived and she’s absolutely perfect. Along with being fully healthy and having all her little digits, she’s already been blessed with a perfect set of eyebrows! Ha ha. I had the honor of shooting her in her first when she was only 2 hours young. Dianne was so much more energetic than I had expected! I walked in expecting to see a tired but happy mother. She instead chimed with  “hey Steph!! Wanna see Sienna?!?!” She was born at the same hospital I was born in and it was amazing. As I wrote in a previous blog, Dianne and I have been friends since we were in junior high and it has been so beautiful watch her go into this next stage of life. She’s carried it with such grace and happiness. Enjoy!siennab Sienna02a
Sienna03asiennac siennadSienna is completely in love with her daddy!
Sienna05Sienna06And she definitely got Momma’s big brown eyes!!sienna07sienna08As if becoming new parents wasn’t busy enough, Mike and Dianne moved into their home weeks before her birth. We took advantage of an empty room for their shoot.sienna09sienna10sienna12She is definitely already a princess. She was adorned in pink and pearls (of course) for her shoot. Mommy’s nickname in high school was “Pinky D” because she ALWAYS wore pink. It only seemed appropriate to have Sienna wear a pink tutu!sienna13Dianne’s favorite necklace is her gold Chanel necklace. We of course incorporated this into the photos! Sienna didn’t seem to mind at all. Sienna14Sienna15sienna16sienna18sienna17Sienna is beautiful and will no doubt be a heartbreaker!! Just look at that smile!!sienna20sienna21Congratulations Mike and Dianne!! Love her so much already!!!

Welcome Baby Donovan

Baby Donovan blessed the world with his adorable presence on November 10th!   Kristal and I go way back to high school. When she called on me to shoot her first born child’s photos I was super honored!! Donovan is so cute! I am so excited to watch him grow! But for now, I am thankful that I got to capture him at this tender beautiful age!

Enjoy!Kristal01Kristal06Kristal07Kristal08Kristal10Kristal09Kristal11Kristal12Kristal13Kristal14Kristal15Kristal16Grandma jumped into the mix and I snapped a beautiful shot ❤Kristal17Big brother Jacob had a mini shoot of his own before his photo op with his new brother.Kristal02Kristal03Kristal04Kristal18And of course, Daddy ❤Kristal19

Kelsey and Adeline

Kelsey is already such an amazing mother!! I had the privilege of taking little Adeline’s first baby photos!! I have known Kelsey since she was a little girl. She and my younger sister went to school together, so when she messaged me asking if I would take her baby’s photos I was overjoyed!! Adeline already has her mothers tough spirit and I can’t wait to see her and her personality grow! Her photo session took a couple different sessions but it was well worth it! Here is Miss Adeline in her first two weeks of life ❤Kelsey02Just 6 day’s old, goodness is she precious!!Kelsey01And already such a little lady!!Kelsey03Kelsey04Adeline, just two weeks young!Kelsey05Kelsey06Kelsey07Kelsey08Kelsey LOVES being a Mommy!!Kelsey09Kelsey10The most alert newborn I’ve ever seen!Kelsey11Kelsey12Kelsey13Congratulations, Kelsey!! Adeline, you have such a loving and supportive mother!!

Baby Makes Five

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to little Miss Gracyn Mae. She is all sorts of precious!! The headbands used in this shoot were made by her mothers friends and family during her baby shower. And I do believe she sported them quite well!
Ase01Ase01aAse02Ase03At only two weeks old, little Gracyn was SO alert!! She was just so curious about everything around her and wanted NOTHING to do with sleep. Ha ha. But every now and then we were able to catch her taking a little baby snooze.Ase04Ase05After mommy and me time, we went off to meet up with Gracyn’s daddy and other two siblings. Hudson and Rylinn keep Sarah and Jordan plenty busy – I don’t know how they get rest with a new baby in the house. As they rounded up the other two who were having fun exploring the park, I took some shots of the FINALLY sleeping Gracyn!:)Ase07Ase08Even Daddy was able to sneak in a sleeping baby shot!Ase09But not without giving the other two just as much hugs and lovin’! And those kids are plenty happy which can only mean one thing… they have awesome parents!Ase10

And finally the family shot!! I absolutely love this photo!

Ase14Ase15Ase15aRemember how I said I hadn’t seen Sarah since I took some photos of her and her first daughter, Rylinn? Well, here they are side by side. 2011 & 2013!                                       Can’t believe how much she’s grown!!Ase16I wish this not so little family nothing but continued happiness!                                        Thanks for a fun day, y’all!Ase17

Baby Hudson

I have photographed Jesse’s growing family for the past couple of years… Their newest addition Hudson is beyond adorable! Jesse is a fantastic mother!!Hudson01It was a long shoot for baby Hudson was not in a modeling mood! But we got some great shots none the less. Hudson02Hudson03Hudson05I’ll never be able to get enough of baby feet!!!Hudson06Jesse soothing her new baby boy ❤Hudson07Look at that concentration!!Hudson08Big sister Riley jumpin’ in and cheesin’ up a storm!Hudson09Congrat’s to the House family!! Hudson is absolutely beautiful!!

Baby D

Well he’s finally here. And he’s beautiful.

Jeff and Holly welcomed their first child into the world just a few weeks ago. He was born healthy and strong, or as Jeff liked to call it “Spartan Approved!” haha. I went to visit them when he was just under 2 weeks old and shot a few photos of the new little family in their natural state. I love him so much already.Hill01







Even though he’s screaming, I love this photo! Good job you two! You made a beautiful little human!! Can’t wait to watch him grow. 🙂