Mystery Baby!

It is so rare to hear of first time parents who are waiting till the birth of their child to see if it is a boy or a girl! Well that is just what Jackie and Mario did!! I shot their maternity photos where they had to bring both boy shoes and girl shoes! Jackie was absolutely glowing!! I asked her if her outfit choice of a pink dress was an indication of what she thought she was having. She said it wasn’t that she had no idea what to expect! It was another beautiful afternoon in Southern California as these two high school sweethearts smiled lovingly at each other during their shoot. Enjoy!!JM01JM02JM03JM04JM05JM06JM07JM08JM09JM10JM11JM12JM13JM14Weeks later I got a call at 6:36am that the mystery baby was on its way!! I went down to the hospital to capture some moments from this very special day!! JM16JM17JM18JM20JM21JM22Mystery baby was DEFINITELY coming into this world on a beautiful day!JM19JM30JM23Then it was time for the mystery to be over!!! What would it be?? A boy or a girl?? Ladies and gent’s, we have ourselves…JM24JM25JM26JM31JM28JM29The first hours are a very special time. I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face as they gazed so lovingly on their newborn daughter. They couldn’t take their eyes off of her, it was literally as if I wasn’t even there. Congratulations Jackie and Mario on your beautiful healthy baby girl. And good luck, when I asked Mario how fatherhood felt he replied,

“I am in so much trouble, I love her so much already.”

Dominic’s First Birthday

Little Dominic is now One whole year old!! We had a little photo shoot before his birthday party and did this boy redefine “cake smash” like no other!! Enjoy!!DA01Off came the clothes for the honorary cake smashing session!!DA3Hmmm… this tastes goooood…..DA5DA08DA09DA11But before we are done… I’m gonna smear some into the floor riiiiiight here!DA10A week later his Momma put on a fabulous little Micky themed birthday party!!DA12DA13DA19The birthday boy was a bit taken back at first…DA17But it didn’t take long for him to start enjoying the party and all of his guests!DA18DA15DA16DA20DA14Before Dominic was born his mommy was part of a “Mommy and Me” group. Here are all the mommy’s with their babies!! They had friends before they were even born!DA21DA22It wouldn’t be a birthday party without some flying!DA23DA24Next it was cake time!! Dominic knew exactly what to do with his cake!!DA25DA26This time he even shared!DA27DA28Birthday cake success!!DA30

Easton Turns One!

Oh how time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was attending Priscilla’s baby shower! And her little boy is already a year old!! She definitely did not hold back on this little man’s special day. Easton had a circus themed birthday and we all had a wonderful time!! First, here are a couple shots we took for his birthday invitations.EP00Yes, little Easton… you are already a whole year old!EP001The decorations were absolutely adorable
EP01EP02EP03Everyone helped out! Here is his uncle Sonny filling up the popcorn machine!EP04EP05EP07Easton’s daddy, Chris and his aunt Julie – excited for Easton’s arrival!EP06Guests start arriving!!EP08And here comes the birthday boy!!!EP10Guests signed the guestbook while Easton enjoyed his jump house!EP13Ep12Easton and his beautiful Mommy!EP14Easton and his cousin Aria are only months apart, how beautiful are both their mommy’s?!EP15Their Daddy’s jumped into the photo too!EP16Lunch was catered by Jerry’s Dogs. It was delicious and a huge hit!EP19EP20His guests enjoying the jump house!EP21EP22EP23EP24EP25Then it was Piñata time!!!EP27EP28This little one’s expressions were so funny. She gave it her all!EP29EP30After all the kid’s had given it a shot, the biggest kid came in to finish the job, Uncle Sonny!EP31Think it’s safe to say, the kids were stoked.EP32After the piñata was all done, it was cake time. EP17EP18Happy birthday, little Easton!! Can’t wait to see what your mom think’s up NEXT year!EP33