It’s Been a While

My last post is less than 2 weeks shy of a year ago. Insane how fast time goes by. I spent 2015  traveling and doing a lot of soul searching. I continued to shoot and had an amazingly successful year considering how  often I was away. I’ll be busy posting over the next few weeks with photos from my travels/lessons learned as well as work. I’ll leave these photos of one of my recent little muses, Haley. 

More to come…

Lori Gilbert Art

Well… it has been nearly two months since I have written a blog post. I have been super busy traveling and getting all sorts of great shots. Before my travels began I had the honor of doing some head shots/fun shots for Miss Lori Gilbert. Not only is she a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul, she is an amazingly talented artist as well. She has a lot of BIG things coming up for her and she needed some new portrait shots taken. We of course played around and took some fun ones! It was a crazy busy day for both of us but we managed to get these shots done!! I have thrown in some of her paintings so you can see with your own eyes the crazy talent this gorgeous woman has!!  I enjoy stalking her FB page as she takes you on her painting journey and even shares the prgression of her art. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out her Facebook page! Its under the same title as this blog post, Lori Gilbert Art:




Lori13And I will end this with probably the most epic wave she has done so far: loriartwaveKeep doing what you’re doing, girl!! Can’t wait to see you grow even more as an artist!!

Something Different…

Goodness I haven’t posted a blog in nearly a month!! The last 22 days have been filled with many shoots and a wedding!! (I was a bridesmaid not the bride.). Looking through past blogs my work has been mostly centered on children, family and maternity. But this shoot was something completely different. Kathryn and I spoke for about an hour leading up to our shoot. I slowly applied her makeup between champagne sips. She has been photographed a lot before for yoga and dance but wanted something different. She was giving me complete artistic freedom and allowing me to do whatever I wanted. What I wanted was something dramatic and with feeling and boy did she deliver! The beauty she possesses not just on the outside but on the inside are so strongly captured in these images. Some of the following photo’s take a darker turn than you may be used to seeing on my blog, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. KM01km02KM03KM00KM04KM05Her favorite, below. KM06KM07KM11KM12And because she has a beautiful smile as well…KM13KM14My favorite.KM08KM15The quote that came to mind when shooting this image:                                                        “Every heartache ends, just as every storm runs out of rain.”KM16KM18Thank you for this shoot.

My Three Sons

Obviously these are not MY three sons, the world can thank Lynette & Scott for bringing these handsome brothers into the world!! We spent the afternoon at the beach getting some great shots! It was a beautiful Southern California Saturday! And this beach living, ocean loving family of five definitely made it feel more like summer than spring! Enjoy!Mon01Mon02Mon03Such handsome boys!!Mon04Mon05This shot just cracks me up every time I look at it!!Mon06Mon07This part of the coast is snuggled up right next to some beautiful sandstone cliffs! On a walk one day Lynette and Scott discovered this carving with their initials in it! I wonder how the person responsible for this was able to carve it!!Mon08Mon09Big brother Matthew definitely owns the “smize”!!Mon10Middle brother Ethan is just so handsome!!Mon11And little brother Josh “Joshie” is just too cute for words!!Mon12Mon13After the family session the boys were excited to change into their shorts and grab their boards for some photo’s I hope they will cherish forever!! Such cute little surfer boys!Mon14These boys enjoy surfing just down the street from their house on the daily!!Mon16Lynette & Scott, you’re raising some lil’ heart breakers!! Mon15


The second portrait session I had this year was for beautiful Lexi of Ohio. She was in San Diego, CA visiting her mother. She still needed her senior portraits taken and I was so excited to take them! We didn’t take senior portraits like these when I was in high school and I sort of wish we had. It was so fun capturing this beautiful age in Lexi’s life. Enjoy!Lexi01Lexi02Lexi03Lexi042014 has seen some of the coldest (and warmest) days ever recorded! Lucky for Lexi it was a perfect warm southern California day in January. Lexi05Lexi06Lexi07Lexi08Lexi09Lexi10


It’s been a while since I’ve had personal portraits to shoot. I had the pleasure of shooting two in the beginning of January. First was my girlfriend Trista’s.  We have been friends for 5 years now, most spent apart with all her travels! But we have remained close no matter how many miles separate us! She needed some new photos for her portfolio and I was more than happy to take them for her! It reminded me of how important it is to have some portraits done of yourself every now and then. One of my most favorite quotes is “Today is the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be again.”  Why wait for a family portrait session or engagement session. Like young people are now having for their senior pictures,  people should have more ME sessions. Yes, I like this idea.TristaTrista01Trista02Trista03Trista06

Trista07Trista08Trista09Trista10Trista11Trista12Trista14Her smile can seriously light up a room! Love this girl!Trista13

Hip Hop Lover

Some girls want Boudoir shots, others want Hip Hop Lover shots! Jenny contacted me about a month ago asking if I could do portraits of her. I assumed she wanted Boudoir as most girls do. She had a different idea. At the wonderful age of 22, she wanted to capture her love of hip hop, graffiti and all the wonderfulness of her life right now.




We were able to use a hip hop store for our location. City to City in San Diego.


I have used Jenny before in product shoots for a jewelry line. But this shoot was all her. She played Wu-Tang, Gangstar, and others of that genre. Dressing up in her favorite band shirts and bringing a new twist to self portraits.




Watching this beautiful little woman come to life with her music playing, made me remember my early twenties. And the music that moved me then. Jenny, I do hope you love these photos, and as the years pass, cherish them.