Kathy & Ramsey

This shoot was special to me as I was, yet again, there the night these two met. Ramsey own’s a baklava company, Bakluvit http://www.bakluvit.com , and we were cruising the streets of downtown Los Angeles documenting people trying his Baklava and saying “I Bak-luv-it”. We eventually came across a very pretty blonde girl. I was shooting and documenting (of course) and he pointed to her. “Lets go ask HER to try my Baklava!” I looked over at this beautifully dressed long haired blonde and was thankful Ramsey was with a girl (me) going up to a girl walking alone and asking her to taste his Baklava. I think he would have been pepper sprayed had I not been there. Low and behold 3 years later, I found myself shooting their engagement session on the streets and beaches of Los Angeles. I wish you both the best of luck on this journey called life. And may your children be blessed with gorgeous toothy smiles like your own!RK01RK02RK03RK04RK05RK06RK07RK08RK09RK10RK11RK12RK13Words of wisdom… make sure your lipstick is kiss proof! Ha ha!RK14RK15RK16RK17RK18

Lov Me Some LovMely!

I have been shooting for this amazing line now for almost two years! So crazy to think the time that has gone by and I really need to do an exposé on its amazing designer.

But until then my favorites from this shoot will have to do! All the models were fantastic and I thank you for being so fun and so beautifully easy to work with! ❤

You can find all these amazing pieces and more at: http://www.lovmely.com


Anne & Josh

Let me introduce you to two East Coasters who met and fell in love on the West Coast! Josh is from Philadelphia and Anne is from Syracuse, NY! They both ended up in San Diego eventually and had the same circle of friends but it still took them years to ever meet! The day finally came went they joined mutual friends for some brunch in San Diego. They struck up a conversation right away and afterwards the group went to another friends party. After the party he took her hand as they were walking down the hill – and they’ve been together ever since!! Anne says that after two weeks she KNEW he was the one she was going to marry. She was so confident in this that just a month later she convinced him to go to her family reunion where he met 91 of her family members!!

Even though she KNEW after two weeks, they’ve shared their lives together for the past four years and are now engaged! They will have their wedding in NY but wanted their engagement session in SD.  We shot in Ocean Beach and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breezes of a November in So Cal. They weren’t trying to make family members on the cold East Coast jealous or anything. Ha ha.

Their dogs are a big part of their lives so they wanted some shots at Dog Beach. It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky!! And their dogs were so well behaved even though their furry friends were running and playing all around them!AJ01AJ02Doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to get them to stay still at times, ha ha. AJ03AJ04AJ05Then we took the puppies home and had a session down by the water. Sigh, amor. ❤AJ06AJ07AJ08AJ09We walked down to the beach where there was some awesome sandstone. AJ11
AJ12AJ13There were carvings in the sandstone left by people over the years. And there was ACTUALLY “Will you marry me” carved into the wall!! I had to capture some fun photos!AJ1AJ15AJ16AJ17AJ18AJ19AJ20AJ22After our beach sesh, they wanted to get some photos taken at their favorite pub!AJ24AJ25AJ27AJ27aAJ29AJ30I wish you two the best!!! Enjoy your wedding on the East Side!!

Shaadi & Houtan

Oh my goodness – where to even begin with these two!!

I have to brag a bit first – I introduced these love birds five years ago!!

I have known Shaadi and Houtan for over ten years! They first met when I was having a night out with friends. My friend Haman was bringing his brothers with him on this amazing evening. My girlfriend Shaadi was in town as well and I invited her to come KNOWING they would like each other. Houtan has an amazing sense of humor and boy was he on FIRE that night. We spent the night laughing so hard we could barely drink our beers! It was there that I snapped their first photo together! 587_62927812976_8379_nIn April, Houtan proposed to Shaadi in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. They were in town visiting her father. I just happened to be with Houtans brother, Haman, that day. Her father snapped this photo after the proposal and she sent it to us.2013-04-06 18.56.57We were SOOOO excited to get the news! Haman and I sent this as our photo response: 2013-04-06 18.54.13I was so honored to shoot their engagement. Can’t wait for the wedding!!

SH01SHSH02SH03SH04SH05SH06SH07Shaadi is just so beautiful! Can’t wait to see her all done up on her wedding day!!SH08SH09Congratulations you two!! I can’t wait for the big day!!

J & B

I absolutely love this couple!JB06Our shoot began at the place they had their first date! Wine Steels in San Diego, CA. JB01They’ve come a long way since that date and will be taking a walk down that isle in just over a year!! I am lucky enough to be in their wedding, so engagement shot’s are the only Pro style photos I will be taking!! So happy I was able to capture these!! Side note, Brianna has the most amazing hair!JB02JB03

Next we shot at the beach where Juan proposed!! This whole shoot was a fun trip down memory lane 😀JB07

I am so honored and excited to be in their wedding!! I know the year will just fly by!!JB10

LovMely Summertime!!

I have shot for LovMely before, and I must say I love her new lines more and more each season!! Julie and Sarah were our models for her summer line and they captured the happiness of summer wonderfully!! I can’t share TOO many photos from her upcoming line, but here are a few of my favorites we took over the Memorial Day weekend!

LM01Anklets, anklets anklets!! I was in love with all of them!!


Her head chains bring a certain magic to ANY outfit!!LM03 LM04 LM05I was SOOO obsessed with this ring!! And all the sparkly ones too!!LM06A little sparkle to brighten up any outfit!!

LM07This delicate body chain brings the right level of sexy yet classy to Julie’s bikini!!

LM08 LM11

To purchase any of these pieces or to check out all of her other fabulous work you can find her on Etsy!