Hi Sweetheart.

Let me introduce you to an adorable store in La Jolla, California! “Hi Sweetheart” is owned by an old high school friend of mine! Molly had a store in Philadelphia and when she and her husband relocated to Southern California she opened another amazing little store!! I got there just in time for the ribbon cutting! We couldn’t have asked for better weather! hs01hs19Molly’s sister and niece healed the ribbon while she did the honorary cutting!!hs02hs03Now let me take you inside. I must warn you, you will want to own everything in this store! I know I do, I wonder if Molly does interior design on the side. If she doesn’t, she should!hs21hs05hs17hs07It was the Saturday before Mothers Day and I was lucky enough to capture a photo of three beautiful generations!hs09This store holds a wonderful collection of gift items selected by Molly!hs10hs08hs06hs18hs12Guests enjoyed delicious treats as they mingled and looked around. I couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous flower arrangements in the store! They were done by Flower Child San Diego Wedding Events. You can contact them here, I love their stuff!! http://flowerchildsandiego.comhs14hs11Not only does this shop carry all sorts of cute gifts, she even has cute wrapping paper to wrap them all up in!!hs15If you’re ever in the La Jolla area and need a unique fun gift for any occasion, “Hi, Sweetheart” is your one stop shop!! And Molly will be there to help you find that perfect gift for your special occasion!! And if you can’t make it down to La Jolla she has a website that is just as cute as her store: http://hi-sweets.com/

Best wishes to you, Molly!! Can’t wait to stop in and do some shopping!!hs16


The second portrait session I had this year was for beautiful Lexi of Ohio. She was in San Diego, CA visiting her mother. She still needed her senior portraits taken and I was so excited to take them! We didn’t take senior portraits like these when I was in high school and I sort of wish we had. It was so fun capturing this beautiful age in Lexi’s life. Enjoy!Lexi01Lexi02Lexi03Lexi042014 has seen some of the coldest (and warmest) days ever recorded! Lucky for Lexi it was a perfect warm southern California day in January. Lexi05Lexi06Lexi07Lexi08Lexi09Lexi10

Anne & Josh

Let me introduce you to two East Coasters who met and fell in love on the West Coast! Josh is from Philadelphia and Anne is from Syracuse, NY! They both ended up in San Diego eventually and had the same circle of friends but it still took them years to ever meet! The day finally came went they joined mutual friends for some brunch in San Diego. They struck up a conversation right away and afterwards the group went to another friends party. After the party he took her hand as they were walking down the hill – and they’ve been together ever since!! Anne says that after two weeks she KNEW he was the one she was going to marry. She was so confident in this that just a month later she convinced him to go to her family reunion where he met 91 of her family members!!

Even though she KNEW after two weeks, they’ve shared their lives together for the past four years and are now engaged! They will have their wedding in NY but wanted their engagement session in SD.  We shot in Ocean Beach and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breezes of a November in So Cal. They weren’t trying to make family members on the cold East Coast jealous or anything. Ha ha.

Their dogs are a big part of their lives so they wanted some shots at Dog Beach. It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky!! And their dogs were so well behaved even though their furry friends were running and playing all around them!AJ01AJ02Doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to get them to stay still at times, ha ha. AJ03AJ04AJ05Then we took the puppies home and had a session down by the water. Sigh, amor. ❤AJ06AJ07AJ08AJ09We walked down to the beach where there was some awesome sandstone. AJ11
AJ12AJ13There were carvings in the sandstone left by people over the years. And there was ACTUALLY “Will you marry me” carved into the wall!! I had to capture some fun photos!AJ1AJ15AJ16AJ17AJ18AJ19AJ20AJ22After our beach sesh, they wanted to get some photos taken at their favorite pub!AJ24AJ25AJ27AJ27aAJ29AJ30I wish you two the best!!! Enjoy your wedding on the East Side!!

..International Lovers..

Just over a year ago these two love birds met in San Diego. Ted is from Sweden and was visiting San Diego on holiday. But just before he left he met Cristy and their love story began. A year has gone by and many miles have been flown. On his most recent trip to visit Cristy, they arranged a little photo session of their own.

Ted and Cristy

Ted and Cristy

Ted and Cristy

This shoot was special because it was Ted’s 3rd and final visit of the year. Next is Cristy’s turn to fly to Sweden, except her ticket has no return date. That’s right, this American girl is taking off on a fairytale adventure to see Europe with the man she loves.


Ted and Cristy

It was wonderful shooting with these international little love birds. I can’t wait to go visit them in Sweden! 2013 is going to be an amazing year!